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You hear of it only through friends. You entrust its secret only to those you love.


Five suites hide behind the walls at Ignacia Guest House. Each reveals a different take on the property’s signature refinements.

All feature Nespresso machines, artisanally bottled waters by Casa del Agua, Loredana toiletries and Bluetooth sound by Bose.

The historical building joins public spaces, including the lobby, reception, library, dining room, and kitchen, directly to the master suite, La Habitación Negra.

On another side, in a completely new building, sit the rest of the rooms: La Azul, La Verde, La Rosa and La Amarrilla, arranged one on top of the other on the central patio with individual balconies or terraces. Each with a unique color scheme, the rooms have their own specific ambience in harmony with the whole complex.


01/ Negra

Starting at $352 USD
Ignacia’s most princely accommodation, Negra is an environment of intense intimacy and elegance, and the only suite within the original residence.

Exquisite appointments in blacks and grays include a tête-à-tête living area and the casa’s largest bedroom; luxury bed linens; a private, French-door breakfast terrace and succulent garden; soigné modernist furnishings; an impeccable black-marble bathroom with double shower (no one ever gets cold) and other striking indulgences, plus an unbelievable walk-in closet.



02 / Amarilla

Starting at $306 USD
Amarilla celebrates the golden, in light, finishes and furnishings whose warmth is irresistible.

Featuring both a private terrace and direct garden access, it is a privileged aerie with direct views of the property’s venerable jacaranda tree. Wood built-ins and a commissioned chest-of-drawers add hum to the harmonies; the bath is 24-carat indulgence.

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03 / Rosa

Starting at $248 USD
A crystal catwalk leads to Rosa, a lovers’ hideaway perched above the garden.

Shades of pink and beige array a suite boasting ample closet space and a bureau drawn in flawless modernist lines. Private terrace. One of Ignacia’s largest bathrooms, fit for Caracalla himself, in breathtaking marble and wainscot.


04 / Azul

Starting at $306 USD
Tucked into the garden’s leafiest corner, Azul is favored by guests who come to write (or dream) on its verdant hidden patio.

Smart-cool infuses the entire suite, featuring chic vintage furnishings, luxe linens, our signature bath–a sanctuary in rich marble and amenities–and dual closets for shutting out everything inharmonious.


05/ Verde

Starting at $306 USD
A touch of the palatial elevates all in Verde, centered on a “four-poster” bed that cannot be ignored. Some say the garden and jacaranda views are Ignacia’s finest.

All agree that finishes, linens and bath appointments are incomparable luxe, and a welcome respite from the urban jungle.